Sunday, April 2, 2017

February / March update

Hello blog readers!

First of all, I need to say that I'm sorry for being all quiet so long time. If you have been reading my blog before, you probably noticed that I will have my first child this year, calculated time of birth is 3rd of July. It has been really hectic 2 months for me, I've been doing huge renovations at my house before the baby comes, so not much time for writing the blog. :(

But I haven't been completely out of the gaming and game collecting. I made myself an Instagram account too, where I'll try to put more pictures of my collection and stuff meanwhile I will have time to write to the blog. You will find me there at: petusretrogamehell. Please, feel free to come and follow me and check out the pics! :)

OK, let's check out the new findings from past 2 months.

Some new additions to me Sega collection. Master System games I found from Ebay for a really good price from Germany. Mega Drive games I changed with a fellow collector.

NES games I mainly got from Ebay, except the Darkwing Duck, that I changed with a fellow collector. DS games I found from fleamarket for a really good price. Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World was purchased by my wife, she loves Yoshi and gladly she's a gamer too! :*

All these games I found also from fleamarket, except the Chrono Cross, that I bought from collector from France. He also send me the Halo Mega Blocks - toys as an extra, thank you for that! :)

I had a lots of unsold games, consoles etc, so I changed some of them for this beauty at the local game store. Ufff, what an excellent piece of machine this is. Playing with VR brings a totally new dimension to the games. I only have Resident Evil: Biohazard and Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood games for VR, but both games have made me to soil myself few times... :D

I will check out more games for VR, when I have more time to play...

Thanks again for reading and C U next time! Game on!
- Petu -

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