Thursday, October 6, 2016

Autumn update

Good day to my blog readers and greetings from autumnal Finland!

New stuff have arrived to my collection! :)  First I want to show you my newcomer to my Commodore family: VIC-20

I exchange this beauty to some extra games that I had in stock. The condition of the both boxes, VIC-20 and Datassette, is really good!

The set included some cartridges: few games, memory expansion and programming carts. Some carts had also the manuals.

Some programming books and manuals. Some manuals were in Swedish, apparently the previous owner was Swedish speaker... 

Here is a pic of my CIB Commodore collection. I also have loose C-128 and first model of Commodore 64, but it's not included in the picture.

Here's some misc games that I have found from fleamarkets, bought from private sellers or from Ebay:

One of my friend exchange these original Xbox games for 3 beers... :)  Not bad deal at all...

And last but not least, some NES findings from Ebay and Galaxian, that I change with a fellow collector...