Thursday, August 25, 2016

Second video + some updates

Howdy ho!

Second part of the Pixel & Paper interview is out, you can find the video here:

Pixel & Paper Interview part 2

Please leave some comments of the video or if you have some questions, please ask! I won't bite... Hard... :D

Then some additions and findings! :) My beloved wife found these figurines from flea market. Also these figurines were sold with the kids meal in that fast food restaurant, which has the golden M letter. I'm really surprised how good the quality of these figurines are...

At last Saturday I got a call from nice gentleman. He said, that he has 3 broken consoles: two Xboxes and Playstation. He said that if I want the consoles, I can pick them up for free, otherwise he will throw them to trashcan. Well I agreed to take them and in 10 minutes I was at the gentleman's yard to see what he have. This is all that I got:

- Xbox 360 Arcade with power supply and box
- Xbox 360 Pro (old model without HDMI-port)
- Xbox 360 20 GB & 120 GB hard drives
- Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit
- Xbox 360 various cables (component, composite and vga cables)
- Xbox 360 wireless controller
- Playstation 2 Slim with power supply
- Playstation 1 controller
- Playstation various cables (2 rca-cables and rgb-cable)

Of course immediately I had to test these when I got back home. First I tested the PS2. Cables connected: CHECK! TV On: CHECK! Disc in: CHECK! Power on: CHECK!

And what do you know! The damn thing works like a charm! I tested with a game little while and it works! Not bad for a broken console... :)

Then the Xbox turn. Older Pro model I couldn't test, because it use different power supply than the Arcade model, so does it work, it remains as a mystery... With the other Xbox I did same procedures as with the PS2: CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! It loads perfectly to the dashboard. Let's try the game and hellll yeahhh, it also works like a charm!

So not bad for being a trash: at least 2 of 3 consoles works... :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

First video out!

Like I told yesterday about the video, now the first video is out! :)

Here's the link for the Youtube:

I'll let you know when rest of the videos are out!
Thanks to Fer and Pixel & Paper! :)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Back in business! :)

Hi fellow collectors and blog viewers!

It's been 2 months since my last post to the blog. I've been on my summer holidays and damn I've been busy. I have made some facade renovations to my house and that took my whole summer holidays and not much time to write to the blog.

But I haven't forget the collecting in these past 2 months! :)
I've done some good findings from fleamarkets, frome private sellers and by some exchanging.

Let's see what I got:

These consoles I got by the privat sellers. Playstation 2 set had only Guitar Hero III and Band Hero games, but gladly they were CIB (complete in box). Xbox had mainly only some sports games, but atleast the price was cheap. :)

Here are the same Xbox games. Xbox 360 games I found flom fleamarket, whole set for 10€. Megadrive and N64 Clayfighter I got from private seller and NES games from Ebay.

Yayyy! Now I have CIB Gamecube! This beauty I exchanged with fellow collector to some NES games. 3DS games I bought from discount sales and Mega Man 2 and Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts I bought from fellow collector from France.

And more fleamarket findings! All these I found in one fleamarket run: Commodore 128 with one module game was 30€. It has some problem with power connector that I will fix when I have more time. Miscellaneous PS2, WiiU and Xbox360 games was total of 10€. The Luigi figurine was sold with the kids meal in that fast food restaurant, which has the golden M letter...

These games I bought from a private seller by an ad in a local facebook fleamarket. Some good titles for PS1: Spyro games, Spider-Man, Rayman 2 and Crash Bandicoot 2.

My brother-in-law is visiting here in Finland and he's hosting a Youtube page called Pixel & Paper in Mexico. We have been filming a video about my collection and collecting + we also made a fleamarket special. Videos will be out in few parts and the first part should be out in few days, I will keep you posted. You can check the older videos at the page: Pixel & Paper