Friday, September 9, 2016

Flea market stuff and Mega Drive stuff


Last weekend we had a flea market rally at our village. Lot's of people in a small village... :) I had some retro game sales at my mom's workspace. :) I did some sales, but not much. That's the problem when living in a small place...

My cat Marilyn gave some helping paw for putting the price tags for games... :D

Today I went to one crappy fleamarket, where I usually go once in a year, because there's not much change in a stuff and the whole place look's like a total disaster. Well what do you know!
Big bunch of PS2 games + couple PS3 games: total price of 20€. Alone the Genji and Forgotten Realms are little over 20€, so not bad finding at all...

Also the postman paid a visit and brought some Sega Mega Drive goodies. Whole lot cost 80€. All games were CIB. Alone the Herzog Zwei cost around 35-40€, so it's almost the half of the price of whole lot. :)