Friday, February 3, 2017

December / January findings and Megaloot 2

Hello hello my fellow collectors and blog readers!

Petu and Retrogaminghell is back in business! :)  I have been quiet for a while: little bit relaxing holidays at December and I had little operation at January, so I've been on my sick leave few weeks... Resting and playing video games basically, mostly Watch Dogs 2 @ Playstation 4 or Rainbow Six: Siege and Company Of Heroes 2 @ PC.

Even that I was on holidays, I haven't forgot to expand my collection, so here's a lot of stuff, that I found at December / January.

Let's start with some Japanese stuff!

At December I found this beauty from Ebay at really really cheap price (16 € incl. shipping :O).  It's a WonderSwan handheld console from Bandai, released only in Japan at 1999. This is first model of the WonderSwan series, there are 2 later models: WonderSwan Color and SwanCrystal. Really interesting console, nice graphics and audio etc. I will make longer story of WonderSwan later... :)

Blue WonderSwan console

I also grab few games for the WonderSwan, so I can test the console properly. Problem of the WonderSwan games are the language. Because the console was never released outside of Japan, usually the language of the games are in Japan. I chose Tare Panda Gunpey, Nice On and Gunpey. Nice On has some Japanese language, but it's still playable. More of these later with the WonderSwan story. :)

WonderSwan games

My console collection expand with the Japanese versions of the NES and SNES: Famicom and Super Famicom. Both consoles in original boxes. For Famicom I also bought the legendary Super Mario Bros. - game for the Famicom, so I can test the console. Super Famicom games I already had a few in my collection. Super Famicom works fine with PAL region tv, but the Famicom doesn't. Famicom uses NTSC-J signal from RF output so it's not compatible with PAL. You can only see disoriented black & white picture without any sound. There's a way to make a AV-mod for the Famicom, but I want to keep the console mod-free. :)

Left: Famicom with Super Mario Bros. and Right: Super Famicom

I also got more some random Famicom Games from France, 2 € / piece.

Famicom games

Well that was all the Japanese stuff, let's move to Euro-stuff then! :) At December one guy contacted me and asked, if I would like to buy some Nintendo consoles and games. He was asking 80€ of all the Nintendo stuff, that you can see in the picture below. It was really low price, he knew it but he only wanted to get rid of the stuff. I paid him 100€, so both were happy! :) Lots of interesting and good stuff for example: Game Boy Micro - console, Donkey Kong Country 3 for SNES and Ikaruga for Gamecube. Other games (Playstation etc.) and stuff I found at the same day from the fleamarket, total amount of all: 20€

Then few pictures of some random findings and purchases from December / January. Videopac games I bought from my cousin, Master System games came with one bigger Master System lot. Various games at the last picture are from fleamarkets and Ebay.

Videopac games
Master System games

Various games

Last but not least, the Megaloot 2! :) My friend contacted me at end of December, that he's planning to sell his whole video game collection away, would I be interested? Of course I was! :D  So he sent me a list, I made an offer and we closed the deal! :) I won't say how much I paid, but let's say that it wasn't a cheap but if calculate every item separately, then it was cheap. At January I made a roadtrip to Helsinki to pick up the stuff and damn, it was a quite big pile!

All the stuff crammed to my Avensis

Most of the stuff out from the car, my cat thinking "Damn you are crazy!"

Here's the total listing of the megaloot 2. There was mostly not so common - games and a lots of JRPG and Pokemon - games, that usually are quite high priced games:

- about 60 Playstation Portable games (almost all games were CIB, some NIB games too), 1 CIB PSP console, 1 loose PSP console

- Game Boy Original - console

- Game Boy Color: 2 loose and 2 CIB games

- Game Boy Advance: 9 loose games

- Gamecube - console, 5 games

- about 50 Nintendo DS games (almost all games were CIB, some NIB games too), Nintendo DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL consoles, all consoles CIB

- few Playstation 1 games, modded Playstation 1 console (with JoGcon - controller)

- about 100 Playstation 2 games (almost all were CIB, few NIB games too), Playstation 2 - console

- about 65 Playstation 3 games (all were CIB, many NIB games too and some special editions)

- about 5 Xbox games (all CIB, 1 NIB)

- about 50 Xbox 360 games (all were CIB, many NIB games too)

- about 40 PC games

- 3 boxes of Official Playstation UK Magazine - magazines + demo cd:s

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