Thursday, August 25, 2016

Second video + some updates

Howdy ho!

Second part of the Pixel & Paper interview is out, you can find the video here:

Pixel & Paper Interview part 2

Please leave some comments of the video or if you have some questions, please ask! I won't bite... Hard... :D

Then some additions and findings! :) My beloved wife found these figurines from flea market. Also these figurines were sold with the kids meal in that fast food restaurant, which has the golden M letter. I'm really surprised how good the quality of these figurines are...

At last Saturday I got a call from nice gentleman. He said, that he has 3 broken consoles: two Xboxes and Playstation. He said that if I want the consoles, I can pick them up for free, otherwise he will throw them to trashcan. Well I agreed to take them and in 10 minutes I was at the gentleman's yard to see what he have. This is all that I got:

- Xbox 360 Arcade with power supply and box
- Xbox 360 Pro (old model without HDMI-port)
- Xbox 360 20 GB & 120 GB hard drives
- Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit
- Xbox 360 various cables (component, composite and vga cables)
- Xbox 360 wireless controller
- Playstation 2 Slim with power supply
- Playstation 1 controller
- Playstation various cables (2 rca-cables and rgb-cable)

Of course immediately I had to test these when I got back home. First I tested the PS2. Cables connected: CHECK! TV On: CHECK! Disc in: CHECK! Power on: CHECK!

And what do you know! The damn thing works like a charm! I tested with a game little while and it works! Not bad for a broken console... :)

Then the Xbox turn. Older Pro model I couldn't test, because it use different power supply than the Arcade model, so does it work, it remains as a mystery... With the other Xbox I did same procedures as with the PS2: CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! It loads perfectly to the dashboard. Let's try the game and hellll yeahhh, it also works like a charm!

So not bad for being a trash: at least 2 of 3 consoles works... :)

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