Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lots of new stuff and interview

Hola hola carambola!

Last month have been relatively good with new stuff and fleamarket findings! :)

Here is the stuff that I found from fleamarkets during the past month:

My first Spectrum tapes that I have ever seen in my life. :) Found them on a fleamarket 3€ / piece. Another one is some kind of programming assembler and other is obviously a chess game.

Some PS2 games for couple Euros, UMD movies 0,50€/piece and not so typical finding from fleamarket, a Master System game. Alex Kidd The Lost Stars. 

More PS2 games and some Xbox games from fleamarket, few Euros / piece.

I did some trading with my friend. I traded some Vic-20 literature, that I bought 2 months ago, for these Videopac games. For some weird reason I like the cover art of the Videopac games. Can't say same about the graphics of the games... :D

Then some Ebay findings. I was missing a Game Gear from my collection. I found this from familiar seller from France. The console has screen/sound problems that are typical for the Game Gear, so I need to do some recapping work when I have time.

These Super Famicom games I found from the same French seller. I bought them just for curiosity, because the price was less than 1€ / piece. Now I need to find myself a Super Famicom - console so I can test these games... :)

Vectrex game Blitz! is also from same French seller. Jaguar CD games I found from Germany about 15€ / piece which in my opinion is quite good price of Jaguar games and they are quite hard to find these days + Hover Strike is a NIB game. Rest of the games I found from UK, few Euros / piece.

Definitely my best finding of the month was a almost CIB Atari Jaguar - console. The package was missing the Cybermorph game cartridge and the video lead cable. Well I happen to have both of the missing items at my storage, so now I have CIB Jaguar. In the picture you can see rest of my Jaguar collection.

At the topic I mention the interview. There was an interesting project with the local newspaper and high school. High school students made all interviews and articles for the Finnish independence day issue of the local newspaper called Jurvan Sanomat. Two young gentlemen wanted to do an interview of my retro game collecting, so I gave them an interview. The interview is sadly only in Finnish, but please let me know if you want to read it in English and I can translate it... :)

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